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Aspects Taken Into Consideration While Comparing Student Accommodation Options

Most international students land in United States and Europe via educational agencies who also arrange for accommodation aspects, but the worst part is that students (at times not even their parents) just don’t ask for a detailed explanation about the accommodation which is at offer. However, it is advised to group in some 4 to 5 accommodation options, compare them and then go for the best option available.

No doubt, the financial part is the most important criterion but there are many other criteria on which the decision making process should be based. Some other aspects are discussed as below:

Distance from the Campus
This aspect is as important as the cost factor; in fact, at times this aspect decides the price factor (closer to a reputed campus will yield a higher price). From the prospective housing option, calculate the time it takes to return to the campus. It is also important that eateries, restaurants, hospitals, theatres and other entertainment and emergency entities which students utilize are as close as possible to the accommodation.

Size of the Accommodation
Don’t go on what is mentioned in the ad; make sure you check the actual location before you sign on the dotted line. At times, even the photographs are taken in such angles that a room may appear bigger than what it actually is.

Amenities Available
These are the days when even a Cheapest Student Accommodations has amenities, irrespective of whether people need them or not. Technology based amenities like Wi-Fi and other basic amenities like water supply, parking etc. should be taken into consideration. In addition, it is important to have backup facilities for electricity.

The Locality
At times, some ‘not so safe’ localities manage to pop up some excellent accommodation based facilities. For families, checking the locality is more important, but even Student Accommodation has this factor as a check box. It is advised to check the surroundings, neighboring apartments and other details.

Terms and Conditions
At times, some apartments provide the best of facilities and costs but the terms and conditions imposed by the landlord are harsh. Make sure you check this with the landlord or the agent, whoever is your point of contact. A major bone of contention between tenants and landlords are the various bills. Taking things on face value is fine at times, but getting things in black and white is always the best practice.

At times, a student accommodation option directly comes with roommates. If you happen to get roommates studying the same course discipline as yours, nothing like it. This way, your batch mates can become your roommates.

Lastly, discuss the points with your guardians or at least your friends while zeroing on an apartment.