Commercial Real Estate Agents – Listing Success One Step At A Time

When you work in commercial real estate sales, you need a significant number of listings flowing into your pipeline. It is your prospecting process that will do this for you together with the referrals and the control of your market. All of this is up to you (sorry!).So let’s set some focus points to get your property market under control:
Place an increasing number of signs on properties you list in your territory so your business and your name are becoming well known.
Use the Internet Marketing process comprehensively for promoting different property types and different locations in your territory.
Get adverts weekly into the local paper on recent property listings (vendor paid advertising please).
Write editorials for the local newspaper regards properties that are known to the local area and will create interest in readership (editors love that).
Refresh your listing content frequently on the Internet so they remain active and rise to the top of the suburb list with the revised and refreshed detail.
Talk to as many people as possible each day that have an interest in commercial property sales or leasing. Tell them about the recent market trends.
The more clarity and momentum that you get in your prospecting and cold calling process, the better for you. If you take each day one step at a time, and improve on your actions of yesterday, the generation of new business and listings gets easier.Unfortunately many salespeople in the industry are erratic and poorly disciplined when it comes to personal progress. If this sounds like you, the problem has to be solved if you want to achieve better listings and more commissions.The clarity that you can develop in your daily business activities allows you to improve and progress. Ask yourself this question. What is the one thing you could do today which would improve on the results of yesterday? Small improvements taken on a daily basis create outstanding results over time. One new step forward at a time every day is all that it takes.One significant advantage that is commonly overlooked is that most of your competitors will be fairly ordinary when it comes to prospecting, cold calling, and follow-up contact with players of the industry. Personal discipline is the key to changing your own actions and hence the results that you achieve in listing properties for sale and properties for lease. Are you up to the challenge?

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