Quick and Easy Article Marketing Tips

I found it frustrating when I first started article marketing. It seemed like my content was never read! Over time, I have found and discovered some article marketing tips for both writing and promoting content that make a HUGE difference. Try to apply these following tips to get some amazing results.


1. Value: You can promote your article all you want, but unless it has some solid information, no one is going to want to read it. Make sure you are providing value.

2. Shorten/Break It Up: Make your article short and easy to read. People browsing the internet for information do not want to read a book. I usually shoot for 450-600 words.

Use short sentences, break up the writing into paragraphs, and add italics and bold font when necessary so your readers can skip to the parts that interest them most.

3. Keywords: Keyword research is necessary for those marketers that want to rank high in the search engines organically. It’s about finding a key-phrase that gets searched for often, but does not have too much competition. Google’s Keyword Tool and Market Samurai are resources that can set you on the right path.

Once you find a good key-phrase I would put it in the body of the article once every hundred words and include it in your title. (My key-phrase for this article is “article marketing tips”).

4. Intriguing Title and Synopsis: How many times have you opted NOT to read something because it sounded boring? I believe we all have, so don’t shortchange your title! I recommend writing your title and synopsis before you write the article body, since you will likely be more motivated at the beginning.

5. Killer Resource Box: Instead of putting a bio here, put a course of action for your readers. Show them where they can get more valuable info and guide them to a RELEVANT landing page or blog post.


1. Blog: It’s hard to find a better long-term strategy than a blog! It can serve as your content and article homebase which will make it a magnet for the search engines. You can add graphics, opt-in forms, videos, ads, etc., to make it a powerful lead-generation tool.

2. Only Wire syndication: Onlywire.com is a cool syndication service that will automatically send out your article to all the hot social networking sites including twitter, digg, del.icio.us, and many others.

3. Facebook Groups: If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should get one now. It’s a great place to meet other people in your niche. They may also be interested in your content! You can join multiple groups in your niche, (e.g. network marketing groups) and post your content on the wall so multiple people in that group can view it.

4. Email Marketing: Send out your top articles to people on your Email list.

5. Join A Tribe: You will get much more exposure for your content when joining a tribe. Everyone shares each others content which is a win-win situation for all. Some top tribes include The Unified Tribe, TSA Mastery, and Tribe Pro.

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